This Strategy Toolbox is design to assist you with changing how you think and implement strategy in your business.

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Mark Bouw Group is here to help you with your strategic business needs.

We know that taking the first step to strategically improve your business is challenging. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with tools that will provide insights into how you can think strategically and implement a game changing business plan. We want you to succeed just as much as you do.  

These resources are crafted and curated for business needs and are available for you to download for FREE.

Mark Bouw Group's Strategic Handbook

The Mark Bouw Group Strategic Handbook is the ultimate resource tool to bring your strategic plan to life. The hand book is full of reflective exercises, strategic templates and examples to change the way you approach business towards a pathway of potential.

This Handbook guides you to see what you value in your business starting with its leadership team right through its journey to success. Print this Handbook out, complete the exercises and you will have the templates to commence your business journey.

Some of the key areas of the Handbook include:
- The currencies in business,
- The risk and growth pendulum,
- Goal setting,
- Core values and culture,
- Risks and planning,
- KPIs and measuring tools.

Download your FREE Mark Bouw Group Strategic Handbook here.


Strategic Plan Template

This template is a guide on how to document your Strategic Plan. It will assist to identify:

- The current state your business is in,
- Your business vision and mission statement for its ideal future,
- A risk assessment and, potential problems to watch out for,
- A step-by step plan with specific tasks,
- Measurable Goals and Objectives.

This template is ideal for all businesses large and small, easy to use and implement.


Business Model Canvas - "The One-Page Business Plan"

The Business Model Canvas is a Strategic One-Page business management tool designed for you to easily define and outline a communication pathway for any business idea. The use of this template can can highlight the insights into the customers your serve, the value that you add and way in which they are offered via your channels. It review how your business turns revenue and how you can increase different parts of your infrastructure so you can make changes in order for it to prosper.

The One-Page document works through key aspects of your business including:

- Key Partners,
- Value proposition,
- Resources,
- Channels,
- Revenue streams.

For your Business Model Canvas template:

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