The Mark Bouw Group provides strategic advisory services for clients across the globe doing business in Australia.

$77 Million in Government Grants
1000+ Research & Development Projects
$1B+ in Client growth and growing

About The Mark Bouw Group

The Mark Bouw Group has grown a global reputation for strategic advisory services for the Med Tech, Consumer and Technology markets. Mark and his high performing team collaborate with CEOs, Company Directors and Business Owners to develop and implement the strategies required for their businesses to prosper. Mark Bouw Group specialises in finding practical strategy solutions for its clients that are cost effective. The Mark Bouw Group deliver data-driven recommendations, advises on the strategy implementation, and provide regular reporting on the outcomes.


At the Mark Bouw Group, our values are what we pride ourselves on and strive to incorporate each and every day when doing business.

Mark Bouw Group's Vision is to ensure every business can achieve its true potential and realise its dreams.

Mark Bouw
Founder & Managing Director

The Team

Mark Bouw
Managing Director
Mark is an in-demand expert in businesses strategy and his company, Mark Bouw Group has built a global reputation as a leading boutique strategic advisory firm. Mark works daily across the globe, delivering data-driven recommendations, advising the implementation of his recommendations and providing regular reporting on execution outcomes. He is noted for his ability to work closely with clients and find solutions that work for them.
Andrew Pittard
B.Bus (Acct & Law), CPA
Group Executive - Finance, Strategy & Grants
Andrew is a globally recognised finance & strategy executive, holding senior roles with organisations including Fonterra, Tiger Turf, Honeywell, Linfox and successfully acquired, grew & divested, Refine Engineering. An enthusiastic leader whom demonstrates intelligence, respect and accountability. Andrew leads the R&D services team and provides financial strategy services for clients.
Laura Moate
Laura is a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Finance at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia .A highly capable, respectful and valued consultant, Laura has an inquisitive mind and ability to formulate concise data driven decisions for clients. Laura works in the R&D services team and provides business strategy services for clients.
Benjamin Madgwick
M.(Strategic Procurement), B.BUS (Asian Studies)
Benjamin is multi-disciplined consultant with over fifteen years proven logistics, supply chain, procurement and project management consultancy and advisory experience. He is our resident expert in bid strategy, tender writing and government contracting services and assists to empower our clients to compete and win work against big business.
Owen McCrink
Owen has brought to market leading software and hardware engineering products with his team - from software programs for tradies, to photo booths, automation systems, applications and APIs. Owen and his team are a unique breed of technologist who truly understand how to bring client technology concepts to life and start the process of innovating their business.
Chloe Becerra
B.Bus (Marketing) & B.Des. (Communications)
Marketing Manager
Chloe has a passion for Marketing and Communications, with an eye for design and a love of creativity. She is frugal with her management of marketing spend and has a strong appetite for data results for each and every campaign. Chloe’s strategic marketing mindset assists Mark Bouw Group clients to bridge the digital channel with humanism in an increasing AI and Automation world.
Daniela Marini
Administration Manager
Daniela has a strong, distinguished administration career within the Medical, Consumer and Technology markets and is responsible for the internal operations of Mark Bouw Group. Daniela liaises daily with clients to ensure a seamless collaboration of back office functions and is noted for her attention to detail and professionalism.
Jacqui Campisi
Cert IV Bookkeeping, MICB
Finance Manager
Jacqui is a certified bookkeeper, BAS agent and member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Jacqui’s knowledge of accounting management software is broad and she regularly undertakes continuous professional development as the regulatory environment changes rapidly to ensure clients are informed of their bookkeeping obligations.

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